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Top 10 Vehicles Involved in Fatal Crashes by Make in New York

Here's what you need to know...
  • Both sudden death and eventual death car accidents can result in a tremendous loss for everyone involved as well as for their loved ones
  • Some vehicles in New York are involved in significantly more fatal car accidents than others
  • Obtaining the right car insurance coverage before driving will prevent unnecessarily financial loss related to a serious car accident

Many New York car accidents result in serious injury, lifelong disability, or even death. In some instances, even those who are not directly involved in a car accident may be affected negatively.

For example, in July 2017, a passerby flipped off victims of a car accident, which enraged some of the victims, who chased after the passerby and eventually stabbed him to death.

Many fatal car accidents can be prevented. One example occurred in June 2017 when two young men were killed in a one-car accident. The driver was reportedly driving at such a high rate of speed that his car split in two when he ran into a fire hydrant.

In another fatal incident that occurred the month before, a deranged former military professional, who may have been high on drugs at the time, drove his car on a crowded sidewalk for more than three city blocks.

In the process, he killed one pedestrian and hit 22 others. This man had a previous history of driving while intoxicated.

Types of Fatal Car Accidents

Fatal car accidents are typically categorized as being either sudden deaths or eventual deaths.

A sudden death car accident is one in which at least one individual dies at the scene. With an eventual death fatal car accident, on the other hand, at least one individual dies after leaving the scene.

For example, the individual may have survived the car accident and died later at a hospital from injuries sustained in the accident.

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Distracted Driving in New York

Distracted driving is a serious problem, and in fact, it is the cause of approximately 10 percent of all fatal car accidents. Distracted driving may include:

  • Daydreaming
  • Talking to other people in the car
  • Rubbernecking
  • Eating
  • Smoking
  • Using a cell phone, etc.

Driving distractions are typically categorized as being visual, manual, or cognitive, and some distractions may overlap into multiple categories.

A visual distraction is one that requires a driver to take his or her eyes off of the road. A manual distraction involves a driver removing one or both hands from the steering wheel. A cognitive distraction is one that diverts mental focus from the activity of driving.

Using a cell phone is one type of distraction that may overlap in all three categories.

— Distracted Driving Car Accidents in New York


Between 2013 and 2016, distracted driving contributed to almost 116,000 car accidents in the New York City area alone.

In these accidents, 104 people lost their lives; another 29,571 people were injured.

While drivers are usually to blame for distracted behaviors, pedestrians who are focused on technological devices are often oblivious to their surroundings. Their inattention to the world around them can put them in a dangerous situation unnecessarily as well.

— What the Law Says About Distracted Driving in New York

New York has passed a distracted driving law that only allows hands-free use of smartphones and cell phones Drivers can face significant penalties if they are caught holding a phone for emailing, texting, sending images, and completing other tasks.

One exception to this, however, is if the driver is calling authorities to report an emergency situation.

There are penalties that you may face if you are caught driving while using a cell phone, such as:

  • Points added to your license
  • A fine of $50 to $200 for a first offense
  • An additional fine of up to $250 for a second offense within 18 months
  • An additional fine of up to $450 for a third offense within 18 months

Top 10 Vehicles Involved in Fatal Crashes in New York

New York - Top Ten Vehicles Involved in Fatal Crashes by Make

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More popular makes and models may, more likely, be involved in fatal car accidents simply because of the number of vehicles on the road. However, other factors, such as safety ratings, safety features, how rapidly cars accelerate, and more, can affect accident statistics as well.

These are the top vehicles that are involved in fatal car crashes in New York.

#10 – Chrysler

Established: 1925
Vehicles Involved: 32

Chrysler is one of the leading American auto manufacturers, and it is considered to be in the “Big Three” group with Chevrolet and Ford.

While it also owns the Jeep, Dodge, and Fiat brands, Chrysler manufacturers many vehicles under its own label, everything from mini vans like the Pacifica to sedans like the 200 or 300.

Chrysler is a brand that is known for providing high-end features to customers in a stylish and rather affordable package.

#9 – GMC

Established: 1911
Vehicles Involved: 33

GMC is another American automotive manufacturer that has a lengthy history of creating durable and stylish vehicles.

Unlike Chrysler, however, GMC offers numerous SUVs and trucks in its lineup. In fact, some of its more popular models on the road today include the Canyon, the Terrain, the Envoy, the Sonoma, the Yukon, and others.

While these vehicles are known for dependability and great handling, they also have upgraded features and styling that makes them attractive to more sophisticated automotive buyers.

#8 – Jeep/Kaiser-Jeep/Willys-Jeep

Established: 1941
Vehicles Involved: 50

The first Jeep models produced were not purchased by your typical consumer. Instead, these were military vehicles that played a vital role in transportation during World War II.

After the war ended, Jeep began offering products to the general public, and its rugged models were well-received. The Wrangler is one of the Jeep vehicles that retains a rather rugged style, but luxury has evolved in many models over the years.

The Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Compass, and others have upgraded features that give drivers and passengers a comfortable ride on all types of roads.

#7 – Hyundai

Established: 2000
Vehicles Involved: 51

Hyundai is a relative newcomer to the worldwide automotive scene, but its combination of affordability and modern class make it a desirable option for many. Drivers are often lured to purchase this brand because of its astounding 10-year warranty as well.

Hyundai notably also owns the Kia brand.

The Elantra and the Tucson are a few of the more popular Hyundai models on the road today.

#6 – Dodge

Established: 1900
Vehicles Involved: 78

Since 1900, Dodge has been creating vehicles that appeal to the masses.

It is now owned by Chrysler, and it manufactures a broad range of vehicles with exceptional features and attractive designs, such as the Viper, which is a powerful sports car, as well as the Durango, a popular SUV.

Other vehicles manufactured by Dodge include the Ram pickup truck and the Caravan mini van. Because of Dodge’s reputation for building long-lasting vehicles, this is a brand that is commonly equated to value.

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#5 – Datsun/Nissan

Established: 1933
Vehicles Involved: 84

Since 1933 when Nissan began making vehicles in Japan, this automaker has worked hard to develop impressive vehicles that are equally stylish and dependable.

While it is the sixth largest auto manufacturer in the world today, it ranks first in the world in the area of electric vehicles.

Its most popular electric vehicle currently produced is the Leaf, and a few of the gas-powered vehicles available include the Rogue, Sentra, and Altima.

#4 – Honda

Established: 1946
Vehicles Involved: 116

The Japanese company Honda focuses on manufacturing a wide range of motorized products, from lawn equipment and power tools to motorcycles, planes, and cars.

Honda is a popular brand in the United States because of its reputation for delivering quality with desirable body styles. The Accord, as well as the Civic, have been popular vehicles for Americans for several decades, which attests to the desirability and appeal of the Honda name.

#3 – Toyota

Established: 1937
Vehicles Involved: 132

Toyota is another Japanese automaker that dominates the market. In fact, this auto brand is owned by one of the world’s largest corporations and also controls brands like Scion and Lexus.

Toyota is a household name that has become synonymous with sophistication and value.

While there are many older models found on American roads today, modern models that are popular include Yaris, Tacoma, Camry, Prius, and more.

#2 – Chevrolet

Established: 1911
Vehicles Involved: 148

Chevrolet is an American automotive manufacturer that has been serving its loyal customers for more than a century. Drivers can easily spot a broad range of Chevrolet models on the road today, and one reason for the popularity of this brand is related to its wide range of models.

Everyone from budget-minded shoppers to those who are looking for more luxury may be drawn to this brand.

It is known for creating the Sierra, Silverado, Spark, Corvette, Tahoe, Suburban, and many others.

#1 – Ford

Established: 1903
Vehicles Involved: 156

Ford is a true innovator in the automobile industry, and it developed this reputation for how it approached the mass production of vehicles.

The company innovated the assembly line method of manufacturing that is now used in a wide range of industries around the world. This process was used to produce the legendary Model T, one of the most popular vehicles on the market at the beginning of the last century.

Today’s buyers have a full range of choices to choose from, including the Focus, F-150 truck, Edge, Equinox, Mustang, and others. Lincoln is a brand owned by Ford.

Tips to Avoid Fatal Car Accidents in New York


Regardless of the type of car that you drive in New York, you can easily follow a few basic safety tips to minimize your chance of getting into a serious car accident. These tips include:

  • Keeping your cell phone out of reach while driving your car
  • Wearing your seatbelt at all times
  • Obeying posted speed limit signs
  • Being observant of other roadways signs
  • Being aware of and courteous to pedestrians and cyclists

— Tips Specific to New York


There are tips that may apply to New York drivers specifically, such as:

  • Taking a driver’s safety course to learn more about safe driving practices
  • Understanding the rules and penalties associated with distracted driving in New York
  • Avoiding driving in inclement weather conditions
  • Ensuring that you are well-rested and alert before getting behind the wheel

— Textalyzer

Because of the significant role cell phones have played in many New York accidents in recent years, some lawmakers are considering legalizing the use of the Textalyzer.

The Textalyzer is a special device that can be used to determine if a driver was sending and receiving text messages at the time of an accident.

While this device is not currently being used, it may deter some drivers from breaking the existing distracted driving laws in New York.

Have the Right Coverage in Case You Need It


When you practice safe driving habits on a regular basis, your risk of being involved in a serious or fatal car accident is dramatically reduced.

However, car accidents can happen at any time to even the safest drivers. With this in mind, it is imperative that you have the right coverage in place before you set off down the road.

The right coverage includes a policy that complies with New York’s minimum mandatory insurance requirements; it also may include collision or comprehensive insurance, which can provide financial benefits for your own expenses if you are involved in an accident.

It is wise to learn more about the different types of coverage available and to speak with an insurance agent about coverage types that may be best for your needs.

Insurance rates vary a lot from provider to provider.

After determining how much coverage you need, it makes sense to shop around and to compare several quotes from different providers. This will help you to save money on the insurance coverage that is most beneficial to you.

Start comparison shopping today for the best auto insurance rates by entering your ZIP code below!

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