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Top 10 Budget-Friendly Attractions in New York City

In 1776, New York declared its independence from Great Britain and became one of the original 13 states. Just nine years later, after forcing British troops out, New York City was named the first capital of the United States. Throughout the next two centuries, more than 12 million immigrants passed through the world famous immigration […]

Top 10 Vehicles Involved in Fatal Crashes by Make in New York

Many New York car accidents result in serious injury, lifelong disability, or even death. In some instances, even those who are not directly involved in a car accident may be affected negatively. For example, in July 2017, a passerby flipped off victims of a car accident, which enraged some of the victims, who chased after […]

Top 14 Weekend Getaways in New York

While New York was originally inhabited by Native Americans, the first European settlers arrived in 1624 close to present-day New York City. While New York City expanded rapidly over the years because of its commercial activity and desirable trade, other areas throughout the state were also settled and began to grow as well. The New […]

The 12 Best Small Towns in New York

Since the first Dutch settlers arrived along the banks of the Hudson River in 1624, New York has been a coveted destination to explore as well as to live in. This state played critical roles in the formation of the country as well as in the fight for independence from Great Britain. It also was […]

The 10 Best Running Roads in New York City

When it comes to exercise, there are so many reasons why running or jogging outside is the more popular choice vs. a treadmill at the gym. Not only is running outside healthier for you, but there are also other perks, like running with your dog, for example. You can’t take your dog to the gym. […]

Sharing the Road with Cyclists in New York

In large cities like New York, residents are always looking for alternative ways to get from point A to point B. Driving is susceptible to the usual transit delays and traffic jams. One of the fastest growing group of commuters in NYC is cyclists – owing to the fact that cycling is fast, cheap, and […]

11 Safety Tips for Drivers and Pedestrians in New York

Car accidents and vehicle collisions happen without warning all over the world. In the highly-populated state of New York, the chances of an accident might be a bit higher. More cars and more people sometimes mean more risks. Those never suffering the misfortune of an accident may become lulled into thinking they won’t ever experience […]

Free Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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