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11 Safety Tips for Drivers and Pedestrians in New York

Here's what you need to know...
  • Both drivers and pedestrians can take steps to reduce the chance of an accident
  • New York’s government has initiated a plan to improve pedestrian safety
  • Drivers and pedestrians could find themselves relying heavily on their insurance policies after an accident
  • Drivers need to be vigilant in regards to dangerous insurance fraud schemes occurring

Car accidents and vehicle collisions happen without warning all over the world. In the highly-populated state of New York, the chances of an accident might be a bit higher.

More cars and more people sometimes mean more risks.

Those never suffering the misfortune of an accident may become lulled into thinking they won’t ever experience trouble. Such magical thinking can be dangerous. Keeping safety in mind at all times would be better.

In New York City alone, 229 traffic deaths occurred in 2016 — a frightening number.

The sad incident of a vehicle crash in Times Square should shock people into realizing crashes can arise without warning. 22 people were injured, and one person lost her life when a car crashed in the heart of the city without any clear indication of danger.

Following safety tips helps with reducing or outright avoiding injuries. Lives, yours and others, can be saved when driving safely on New York state roads. Damage to personal property and other cars also declines with the embrace of safe driving habits.

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3 Road Safety Tips for Pedestrians

Following common road safety tips supports the cause of curtailing injuries or property damage. Most tips are relatively basic and could be put into practice right away.

Pedestrians need to embrace safety tips. Otherwise, injury risks increase immensely.

#1 – Improve Visibility

Darkness is not a friend to pedestrians hoping to avoid an accident. So, pedestrians must work at making themselves visible when the sun sets.

Wearing a reflector jacket/belt is wise as is not wearing dark clothes in the evening. Cross the street in well-lit areas to increase visibility and do not stand between taller vehicles when crossing the street.

#2 – Maintain Alertness When Crossing the Street

Jaywalking doesn’t help matters. Stick with the crossing at lights and at marked crosswalks.

Follow the classic maxim of looking both ways before crossing the street. Look both ways more than once.

Adhere to WALK/DON’T WALK traffic signals. Never treat these signs as optional.

#3 – Be Smart When Walking on or Alongside Roads

Don’t meander on and off the road. Stay on the sidewalks and away from traffic.

Under all circumstances, pay strict attention to traffic.

Never assume drivers follow traffic signals at all times. How drivers act can be unpredictable. Treat drivers with caution and don’t expect that they’ll stop.

Stay sober and keep out of a smartphone-induced daze.

8 Road Safety Tips for Drivers

Drivers have a great responsibility to keep themselves and others free from harm. Safe driving practices support responsible behavior.

#1 – Avoid Distractions

Distracted driving frequently causes accidents, including severe ones. Talking on a cell phone or eating lunch while driving creates the potential for a major accident.

Maintain strict attention to the road!

#2 – Obey Speed and Traffic Laws

Citing drivers for moving violations is a way the state enforces safe driving.

Obviously, police officers cannot be everywhere at all times. Drivers need to police their own behavior and should avoid driving patterns that present risks.

#3 – Look Before Making A Turn or Backing Up

Be sure the coast is clear and the path safe. Otherwise, crashing into another car or hitting a pedestrian may be the unfortunate result of rushing into a move.

#4 – Pass Stopped Vehicles Carefully

Someone may dart out of the vehicle, or the vehicle might start up and pull away without warning.

Avoid assuming a stopped car stays stopped. Otherwise, a dented car or worse may result.

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#5 – Never Pass A School Bus

Passing a stopped school bus is a major moving violation. Passing a school bus even when it is in motion can be very dangerous.

Give the school bus reasonable control of the road.

Young ones may run or dart out without warning. Keep their well-being in mind.

#6 – Never Drink and Drive

Driving while intoxicated is illegal. Criminal charges and license suspensions are possible when caught driving inebriated.

The risk of hurting or even killing others is great when someone chooses to drive impaired. Seriously, don’t ever drive impaired.

#7 – Maximize Driving Visibility

Keep windshields, mirrors, eyeglasses, and contact lenses clean. Doing so improves visibility which, in turn, cuts down the chances of an errant accident.

#8 – Be Mindful of Pedestrians on the Road

Be it day or night, no driver can control what a pedestrian does. Drivers can control their own vehicle operation and mental concentration. So, be mindful of pedestrians to prevent any avoidable accidents.

The golden rule here is “Pedestrians always have the right of way.” Stick to this rule and play it safe.

Being Proactive Towards Pedestrian Safety


New York wants to protect pedestrians from experiencing harm, which also keeps drivers out of trouble. Governor Andrew Cuomo has initiated a new, bold action plan to improve pedestrian safety.

A unique five-year plan brings together a number of different government agencies under a $110 million strategy that seeks to enhance safety for pedestrians in the Empire State.

The initiative covers a lot of territory and seeks to reduce numerous hazards. Drivers and pedestrians still need to do their best to avoid increasing risks and putting themselves in danger.

Acquiring decent auto insurance may greatly help the cause.

Insurance to Cover You in Case of an Accident

“You” refers to both the pedestrian and the driver. Both persons should explore insurance policy protections if injured or otherwise harmed.

— For Pedestrians


How pedestrians address financial responsibilities in the aftermath of an accident depends on their insurance policies. Pedestrians could recover expenses from injuries through their medical insurance policy or even through worker’s compensation.

In a tort state, a pedestrian may sue or seek to file a claim against the driver’s auto liability insurance policy.

In a no-fault state like New York, the pedestrian could explore limited options for a lawsuit and/or auto liability claim and could possibly file a claim on their own auto insurance policy under personal injury protection.

Uninsured motorist claims may also be filed when the at-fault driver has no insurance.

Of course, if the pedestrian’s negligence caused the accident, things change. They might be able to turn to their own liability insurance for protection.

Ultimately, pedestrians must review the laws in their respective states and examine what their insurance will or won’t cover when at fault or when they’re a victim of someone else’s negligence.

— For Drivers


Fault and circumstances play a role when a driver hits a pedestrian. Was the driver fully at fault? Was the pedestrian fully at fault? Were both at fault to some degree?

When the driver is at fault in all or in part, their auto liability insurance enters the picture, hopefully, to cover claims.

Drivers need to acquire adequate auto liability insurance to avoid financial devastation after an at-fault accident. Shopping around for reliable car insurance must become a top priority for all drivers.

One Last Caution: The Rise of Staged Auto Crashes

Stunningly, staged car crashes happen with greater frequency than realized. Risk takers cause accidents for the sole purpose of acquiring insurance money. In a dangerous game of insurance fraud, one driver may crash into another car.

In the aftermath, the scheming driver then seeks a payoff through an auto insurance settlement as compensation for dubious injuries. An even more dangerous version of these scheme involves pedestrians throwing themselves in front of moving cars.

Avoiding involvement in such a situation isn’t easy due to the random nature.

A combination of being ever alert and the installation of dash cameras might support the cause of fighting any fraudulent claims. Maybe street cameras in the vicinity of the incident can help, too.

Just be sure to have the right insurance policy in place just in case. And always, always drive defensively and safely.

If you are seeking to ensure you and your car are covered in case of an accident, start comparison shopping today for better insurance by entering your ZIP code below!

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